S.C. October 2020

After almost 3 years of hearing “Just give it time you will get pregnant again.” My husband and I decided to go to Tennessee Fertility Institute for help. We were dealing with Secondary Infertility. We already had a beautiful son but we wanted to continue growing our family. We had tried everything to help us conceive another baby.

Something just wasn’t adding up and we needed help. As soon as I meet with Dr. Montville I felt instant hope. After hearing “Everything looks normal. Just be patient” from my OB someone finally had a plan. I was finally getting answers to questions that were keeping me up at night. Within weeks we were taking steps into the direction to make my son a big brother!

It wasn’t too long until (with a little help) we were pregnant again. Dr. Montville and his staff took such good care of me and all of my anxieties. They were patient with me and thoughtful of my every need as I went through this process. As a result of this we have a new beautiful baby boy! My family is now complete. It would not have been possible with out all the wonderful people at Tennessee Fertility Institute! If I have one word of advice for anyone struggling to grow their family; it is go get help and do not wait!   -S.C.


October 26, 2020

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Alex Bridges

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