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Fertility Clinic

With a combined 45 years of expertise, Tennessee Fertility Institute has helped hundreds of families grow and plan for the future. Let us make your dreams of parenthood a conceivable reality.

Aspiring Parents

Our fertility treatments make it possible for anyone to achieve the joys of parenthood.

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Preserve Your Fertility

Pursue fertility on your own terms with our sperm, egg and embryo freezing services.

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Leading Fertility Care in Tennessee

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys, and at Tennessee Fertility Institute, we believe everyone deserves that chance. Our team of fertility specialists and doctors have committed their lives to help people grow their family on their terms. 

Our fertility clinics in Nashville and Franklin, TN provide access to one-on-one, world-class fertility care for anyone of any age, gender or situation. And with access to the single largest premium egg bank network, we are dedicated to providing you the best chance of growing your family.

Why Choose Tennessee Fertility Institute

Parenthood is one of the best journeys in life. We’re here to help make your experience and outcome the prelude to a life exceptional.

  • State of the Art Facility and Care

    At Tennessee Fertility Institute, we have the experience and proven success required to provide you with the right treatment plan and the tailored care you want to feel your very best throughout the entire process. Our physicians are board-certified, and our laboratory is CAP-accredited and is a class 100 cleanroom with 0 level VOCs — one of the highest classifications possible.

  • Personalized Treatment Plans

    When it comes to fertility, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Our board-certified team of reproductive endocrinologists works closely with each family to create a treatment plan tailored to their unique situation.

  • Cutting-Edge Science and Technology

    Great scientific advances have been made in reproductive treatments and preservation. Our board-certified doctors and surgeons employ the latest technologies, including the proprietary cryogenic egg vitrification process developed by Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy in 2010. In addition, we have access to the largest frozen donor egg bank in North America, MyEggBank®, opening the door to even more possibilities.

Financial Options with Bundl™ Fertility

Everyone deserves to have a chance at parenthood without finances getting in the way. With a customizable treatment package from Bundl, you can alleviate the financial stress associated with fertility treatments. 70% of IVF patients, for instance, require more than one IVF cycle.

Furthermore, with Bundl, you don’t pay until you have a baby. And if your treatments are unsuccessful, Bundl may refund some or all of your investment. With an array of options available to you, Bundl allows you to focus on the joys of growing your family without finances getting in the way.

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Tennessee Fertility Institute is a proud member of the Fertility Providers Alliance, an organization of more than 425 reproductive endocrinologists, lab directors, practices, and affiliated networks from across the United States committed to expanding access to quality reproductive medicine.

Collectively, the alliance represents tens of thousands of patients who have come together to expand access to care, deliver high-quality fertility services, and continuously advocate for our patients.

Proud Member of the Prelude Network™

Tennessee Fertility Institute is proud to be a part of the Prelude Network™, the fastest-growing network of fertility centers in the U.S.

Through the Prelude Network, both fertility centers in Nashville and Franklin can offer patients in Tennessee the latest scientific advancements and a world-class team of reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, and practitioners to help them achieve their family goals.

We offer the full spectrum of fertility services, from genetic testing to IVF to surrogacy, egg donation and more. Now, let’s create your family.

Tennessee Fertility Institute Nashville Center

2201 Murphy Ave, ste 401

Nashville, TN 37203

Business Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8-4:30pm, Fri. 8-3pm

Call: 615-721-6250

Tennessee Fertility Institute Franklin Center

9160 Carothers Pkwy, ste 201

Franklin, TN 37203

Business Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8-4:30pm, Fri. 8-3pm

Call: 615-721-6250

Has your fertility clinic closed? We can help.

TFI is offering free embryo storage for 1 year and free transfer services for 1 frozen embryo cycle if you have paid for a cycle at a defunct TN clinic.

Call us at 615.721.6250 or request an appointment here.

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