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#InfertilityUncovered: Raising awareness during National Infertility Awareness Week

What facts have you uncovered about infertility on your journey? Maybe you’ve uncovered these facts: One in eight couples have

Getting to know Dr. Chris Montville

March 30 is National Doctor’s Day, and we thought it might be fun to get to know Dr. Chris Montville

Keeping your heart happy and healthy during fertility treatment

It only seems appropriate that February, the month that brings us Valentine’s Day, is also the month set aside to

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Happy New Year! If your hopes for this year include growing your family, there’s a few things you can do

Can acupuncture help you get pregnant?

In the quest to become parents, many couples turn to complementary practices like acupuncture for help. What is acupuncture? According

Infertility Etiquette

I know you mean well, but… I had just suffered through my second miscarriage. I shared the sad news with

Busting Fertility Myths

Fertility legends and tall tales It’s October, a spooky season well-suiting to telling scary stories and tall tales around a

Fertility Insurance Coverage

Talking to your employer about health care coverage for fertility treatment Financing infertility treatment is a significant challenge for most

Planning for LGBT Parenthood

For LGBT couples, getting pregnant is just one piece of the planning for parenthood. LGBT couples may face legal and