Top 5 Male Fertility Supplements: Ingredients that Enhance Sperm Quality and Quantity


When it comes to male fertility, it often comes down to your sperm’s ability to fertilize an egg. If you and your partner are trying to conceive and you’re looking for ways to improve your chances of having a healthy, successful pregnancy, you may consider taking daily male fertility supplements to ensure the quality and function of your sperm. Luckily, there are many nutrients that may support conception and protect against related health concerns.

What to Consider for Sperm Health Quality and Quantity

Male infertility issues, including those for sperm health, play a part in about 40% of all cases of infertility amongst heterosexual couples. Healthy sperm refers to the quantity and quality of both sperm and semen1. Sperm and semen parameters include: 

  • Volume – The concentration of semen in your sperm sample
  • Count – The number of sperm in an entire sample
  • Motility – The amount of actively swimming sperm
  • Morphology – The shape and size of your sperm
  • DNA quality – Higher levels of sperm with fragmented DNA can disrupt conception


Nutritional Bounty: Supplements Shown for Sperm Support

Research shows that certain nutrients may benefit male fertility, many of which are antioxidants or have related properties, enabling them to protect against unstable molecules called free radicals2. At excess levels, free radicals can cause oxidative and cellular damage and increase inflammation, disrupting fertility. 

To ensure product quality and safety, Tennessee Fertility Institute has partnered with NutraBloom®, as their fertility supplements are formulated to support your reproductive health. NutraBloom products are backed by solid scientific evidence and the latest nutrition research. Created and developed by world-class fertility experts, NutraBloom supplements are clinical-grade nutraceuticals formulated in their optimal forms and amounts. For male fertility, these nutrients include: 

  • Vitamin C – Also called L-ascorbic acid, it’s been shown to defend against cellular damage, promoting sperm quality, count, and motility. It may be even more effective when combined with vitamin E; together, this pair of antioxidants has been shown to prevent sperm from clumping together and shield against DNA fragmentation3, reducing risks of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities. 
  • Vitamin D – Beyond its possible ability to shield sperm from DNA damage, vitamin D3 may also support semen health and quality4, as well as spermatogenesis (sperm development)5 and motility.
  • SeleniumThis mineral’s considered essential for spermatogenesis, motility, and morphology. It’s especially powerful when combined with other antioxidant supplements6, like vitamin E and zinc, as it may improve sperm damage. 
  • Coenzyme Q10 – CoQ10 is a naturally produced essential antioxidant required for energy production. It may improve general sperm health and quality7, including count, concentration, motility, morphology, and DNA integrity. CoQ10 can also aid conception by providing additional energy to help sperm penetrate through the egg’s outer shell.
  • Lycopene – This powerful antioxidant may promote sperm health and function8, including motility and morphology. Lycopene may improve also cellular health and sperm viability (i.e., the percentage of live sperm in semen). Additionally, it may benefit men with idiopathic low sperm count9, improving sperm count and concentration, without side effects.


Shop Supplements for Sperm Quality and Quantity

NutraBloom®’s Male Fertility Formula, containing optimal levels of the above nutrients, is designed to support sperm health and ideal male reproductive conditions. Additional fertility support may be provided by taking this supplement along with NutraBloom’s Couple’s Preconception Kit or Couple’s Preconception + PCOS Kit. However, before starting a new supplement regimen, we recommend that you first talk to your doctor or fertility specialist about any health concerns. For more information, please visit NutraBloom’s website.