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The gift of life is a miracle, and our partners help us to make those miracles possible.

Part of the Largest Provider of Comprehensive Fertility Services in the U.S.

Tennessee Fertility Institute is a proud member of the Prelude Network™ (Prelude), the largest provider of comprehensive fertility care and the fastest-growing network of fertility clinics in North America. Together, we’re on a mission to help educate patients about their reproductive health and provide them with the best options, science, and care so everyone can have the opportunity to be a parent when they are ready.

The Prelude Network™

As part of Prelude, each clinic, in addition to Tennessee Fertility Institute, is committed to delivering the highest level of fertility care from the nation’s leading reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists and practitioners by focusing on excellence in science, medicine and patient experience.

With more than 40 locations nationwide and plans to expand, Prelude offers the full range of fertility services, including egg, embryo and sperm cryopreservation; in vitro fertilization (IVF); genetic testing; and more.

Prelude Connect

The Prelude Connect app meets you where you are to support your personal fertility plan. Exclusive to the Prelude Network of fertility centers across North America, Prelude Connect is a virtual companion, created by experts to support and guide your individualized fertility care plan. This app puts the tools you need to effectively manage the fertility process at your fingertips. Learn more here or ask a member of our team.

Bundl Fertility™

Bundl is our preferred partner for financial solutions. Bundl takes the financial stress out of the process by combining multiple fertility treatments into a single package for one reduced, up-front cost. If a patient’s treatments are unsuccessful, Bundl refunds some or all of their investment.

For patients who are interested in learning more about financial options related to their fertility care, please visit

My Egg Bank Logo


As part of Prelude, Tennessee Fertility Institute patients have access to the largest network of donor egg banks and affiliate practices in North America. The MyEggBank portal was designed to empower you as you navigate your way to the perfect match.