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Becoming an egg donor is a unique experience that allows young women to help aspiring parents achieve their family-building dreams. From infertile couples and individuals to LGBTQ+ families to single aspiring parents, egg donation makes it possible for many to become parents and grow their families. We at Tennessee Fertility Institute have great respect for the incredible young women who choose to take part in this journey and we are immensely grateful for your interest in our egg donor program.

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  • Egg Donor Compensation

    Egg donors in our program can earn up to $7,000 in compensation for their first cycle. Egg donors who donate six times (the maximum number) can earn a cumulative compensation of $49,000.

  • Egg Donor Requirements

    To be accepted into Tennessee Fertility Institute’s egg donor program, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Between the ages of 21 to 31
    • In good health
      A body mass index (BMI) under 30
    • Non-smoker
    • Non-drug user
    • Regular menstrual cycles
    • No inherited genetic disorders
    • No infectious diseases
    • A college degree or some college preferred
    • Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent

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    Apply Online

    To start the incredible journey of becoming an egg donor with Tennessee Fertility Institute, the first step is to fill out our initial donor application, which takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. Once we’ve reviewed your initial application and you’ve been approved, we’ll send you the full questionnaire.

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    Interview and Medical Screening

    Once the full questionnaire has been completed, our team will schedule a telephone interview to get to know you better. From there, qualified candidates will move on to the screening phase, which involves extensive medical, genetic, and psychological screenings. These tests include a physical exam, screening for infectious diseases, bloodwork, and a transvaginal ultrasound to assess ovarian reserve.

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    After a candidate has successfully completed the screening phase, the stimulation cycle and egg retrieval procedure are scheduled. The stimulation cycle involves taking self-injected fertility medications so that the ovaries release multiple eggs in a single cycle. During the stimulation cycle, you will visit our clinic every day to monitor your progress. This phase takes about two weeks.

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    Egg Retrieval

    Once the time is right, we will finalize your appointment for egg retrieval. Performed under sedation, egg retrieval involves using an aspirating needle guided by ultrasound to gently suction the eggs out of their follicles. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

Interested in Becoming an Egg Donor in Tennessee?

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please email [email protected].

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